Digital Marketing

for Home Service


We work with you to help identify and reach your ideal customers.

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Digital Marketing for Home Service Businesses.


Tired of “The Way You’ve Always Done It?” — Time to GoDGtal!

We Market to Produce Conversations with Potential Customers. . . Period.

Are you an owner led home services business that's been frustrated with your marketing results?

We used to be.

What We Offer

Important to note that we aren’t a marketing agency trying to get into the home services business; nor are we a venture capital funded, "all-in-one," mass market solution for retailers.

We work with you directly to help identify your ideal customers via our "marketing framework" methodology and then reach these customers via:

  • Social Media, Through Posting and Ad Management (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Content That We Write
  • Your Website, Through Design, Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads
  • E-mail and Text
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Our Background

Our leadership team owned and worked in a multigenerational, family run retail flooring business for many, many years.

In our initial generation, advertising meant direct mail, radio, and when we could afford it, TV. In the last couple of years we've gone digital (thus the name of our company, GoDGtal) and are combining the strength of our 50+ years of retail experience with a deep knowledge of digital marketing (see our sister company GrowDGtal).

Since we decided to "GoDGtal" in our flooring store, we've cut our advertising budget by over 50%, increased our average sale by 25%, and decreased our "unclosed" proposals by close to 40%. Why? Mainly because we now have people who buy that come to our website.

Interior of our All About Flooring store showcasing our different flooring samples.

Our Clients

Sepko Synthetic Solutions logo.
All About Flooring logo.

Our Work

Social Media Management

More Potential Customers Visiting Your Profile

Get the right people from the right area visiting your social media profiles.

Our client's Facebook page and profile visits count and graph with an uptrend.Our client's Instagram profile visits count and graph with an uptrend.

Reach More Target Customers with Your Posting

Get your posts seen by followers and non-followers.

Our client's Facebook Page reach count and graph with an uptrend.Our client's Instagram reach count and graph with an uptrend.

Professional Social Media Profiles, Posting, & Ads

Create and manage professional profiles with real followers that engage with your posts.

A screenshot of an Instagram page that we put together for our client.A screenshot of an Instagram post that we put together for our client.A screenshot of a Facebook post that we put together for our client.
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Google Advertising

Outrank Your Competitors – Even the Box Stores

With our targeted Google Ads, your local business can be promoted above larger box stores in your industry and area.

Our client's Google Ads auction insights view displaying promoted URL domains.

Drive People to and Through Your Website

Get your target customer interacting with you on your website with our personalized digital marketing strategies.

Our client's Google Analytics website overview with users count, sessions count, bounce rate percentage, session duration, and a graph.Our client's Google Analytics website overview with a graph spanning a whole year.

See Real Results

People will see your business and visit your website immediately.

Our client's Google Ads year-to-date reporting with clicks count, impressions count, CTR percentage, and graph with an uptrend.
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Outbound Lead Generation

Reach Out Personally to Customers

Stay in touch with leads and customers.

Get Started

Looking to Increase Your Sales Conversations in 2023? Ask us about our limited-time 60 Day GoDGtal Starter Package!

The GoDGtal 60 Day Starter Package includes:

  • Mini Marketing Framework
  • Two 1.5 Hour Meetings with a Senior Staff Member (Normally at the Beginning and Middle of Engagement)
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Up to 3 Facebook and Instagram Posts a Week
  • 2 Prospect/Customer E-mails
  • $500 Facebook Ad Budget
  • $750 Google Ad Budget
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